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My newest submissions. Most of them are just fanart.

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deviation in storage by MagicNineDragons-MND
Awesomest stuff from really awesome artists!





Old timey Space Goofs by NatalieTheAntihero
Old timey Space Goofs
I've been inactive a lot lately and I'm really sorry it took so long but here's another finished Space Goofs fanart, this time in the 30's cartoon style from the doodle I made: natalietheantihero.deviantart.…

Hope you likey. :D

Space Goofs (c) Xilam :ufo:
I got recommended a website with more cartoons to watch than on the site I usually visit.
They have cartoons like Space Goofs as well. :D
Oh dear, I never want to dream about me hunting dinosaurs again, let alone being their prey... ^^;
I'd rather love to dream about Psy-Crow, no matter if I'd get captured for this or not. :blush:
Space Goofs in 30's style (W.I.P.) by NatalieTheAntihero
Space Goofs in 30's style (W.I.P.)
Still not finished, but soon you will see another little space goofs fanart drawing from me. ^^

Characters (C) Xilam :ufo:
Teenage Frisk by NatalieTheAntihero
Teenage Frisk
Help, I'm Undertale shitposting! ;_;
Well, here's something I like to imagine Frisk to be as a teenager and young adult: As it seems they'd be most likely a big fan of skeletons. :iconskeletonplz:

Frisk from Undertale (c) Toby Fox
Whoah, I've been writing so many journals now, it's unnatural! <D
Well, I hope you all had a great start in 2016.
Anyways, I have some news to tell. You probably know that I haven't been to Tumblr and other websites for a looong time. I thought to actually change that again. Not sure in which way yet. I will have to start from the beginning again and it seems rather scary to think of that to be honest. :fear:

Also since my creativity and motivation to draw has been drawn back for many reasons, I think I will start to take point commissions since people have been asking me about that lately. The commission pictures won't be uploaded on DA officially, just on Stash to avoid any trouble whatsoever. Let me know what you think about these changes, I'm all eyes when it's about feedback. :eyes:
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Every evidence I've brought up just isn't good enough for them, they explained that they need my patent. MY PATENT! I don't even own Oggy from Oggy and the cockroaches! They just don't care about everything I wrote to them! :noes: Unless I'm a member of Xilam Studios or stuff like that. Here's the german text for all who wonder:

"Bevor wir aufgrund Ihrer Beschwerde Massnahmen ergreifenkönnen, bitten wir Sie, eine Erklärung und gegebenenfalls weitere Nachweise einzureichen, in wiefern hier eine Verletzung Ihrer gewerblichen Schutzrechte stattfindet. Bitte stellen Sie uns Ihre in Deutschland oder in der Europäischen Union eingetragene Nummer Ihres Patentes/Musters/Design/Markenzeichens zur Verfügung."

I don't have anything like that so it's a hopeless case and my only option left is just to ignore this shitty situation. I'm thanking everyone who took the time to help me out with this. But now it's done. If Amazon won't help me out, nothing can. :(

Have a Happy New Year everyone.
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Frisk icon (Click for a bigger view)
This is my animated gif I used as my new avatar. To get a bigger view of this, just click on the image.

Frisk from Undertale (c) Toby Fox
Apparently it's because I didn't explain my problem well enough, or so it seems...
But I've added links to the original images, they are still there! I even told them about Xilam Studios and Oggy and the Cockroaches is owned by that animation company. I even explained that I would never think of selling my fanarts and these assholes stole the image to sell them for their stupid ass phone cases!

Here's the e-mail I received. Sorry if it's in german, but perhaps someone can still help me out with this problem ^^; :

"Guten Tag,

Basierend auf der Information in Ihrer Beschwerde zur Verletzung gewerblicher Schutzrechte haben wir die folgenden Angebote von unserer Seite nicht entfernt:

Titel: Awesome Design Deviantart More Like The Kremling King Himself By Lazyashell Hard Case Cover For Galaxy S5(gift For Lovers)
Unsere Referenz: 330127142

Titel: Awesome Case Cover/ipad Air Defender Case Cover(deviantart More Like The Kremling King Himself By Lazyashell) Gift For Christmas
Unsere Referenz: 330127172

Sie schreiben, dass das Bild Ihre Urheberrechte verletzt. Wir möchten Sie bitten, dies zur Klärung der Angelegenheit näher auszuführen und uns entsprechende Nachweise zu übermitteln.

Amazon kann weder die Gültigkeit, Verfügbarkeit oder Angemessenheit der gesetzlichen Rechte, die Sie haben können, kommentieren noch Rechtsberatung bieten. Wenn Sie jedoch glauben, dass die Beschwerde nicht gerechtfertigt ist, steht Ihnen der Rechtsweg offen, um die zukünftige, ungerechtfertigte Einreichung von Beschwerden zu Eigentumsrechten gegen Ihre Angebote zu vermeiden.

Wir weisen darauf hin, dass diese Maßnahme ohne Anerkennung einer Rechtspflicht und ohne jedes Präjudiz, beziehungsweise Verzicht auf ggf. bestehende Ansprüche, Rechte oder Rechtsmittel erfolgt, deren Geltendmachung wir uns ausdrücklich vorbehalten.

Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an"

I don't know what to do anymore. :,( If I would contact Xilam Studios personally, they would think it's my fault because of the drawing, or they would believe I'm involved in this scheme. So what else is there to do?
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Some butthole who's disguised himself as Jesus was twitting on my Twitter page "It's Christmas, not X-Mas..." when I was just greeting my friends and followers, what a brainwashing manipulative douchebag. Up yours! middle finger smiley 
Someone is going to get a big fat fine for the scam on Amazon and I hope it will be the sellers.…

I was looking for some DKC merchandise, but look, just take a look what I just found! Seriously? WTF?
I know someone I know wanted to colour this drawing but who would've known that some idiot would think it would make a case for a mobile phone? Also hello? Did that person ask for permission? If Xilam studios will ever find out about this, they will probably sue my ass for this and I'm not even involved!

But let's see, let's see if there's more bullshit on Amazon...…

exultantor... EdnaHailey... I'm coming for ya and kick your asses, my belated christmas present to you, you morons!
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More people have been asking me about commissions lately. So far I'm not able to do them and keep in mind I've had bad experience in this. ^^;
But next year I will plan on making a price list for point commissions only. I don't have paypal so points on DA have to be for now.
Demonic Phoebe
This is how Phoebe Josephine would look like if she would be completely possessed by the demonic aura.
Something that I thought of for one of her stories.
Feel free to read about her two paths. :)

Character (c) NatalieTheAntihero


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Current Residence: At home of course
deviantWEAR sizing preference: M/L
Favourite genre of music: Medieval music, Heavy Metal, Medieval Rock, Rock, Jazz, Swing, Reggae, Ska
Favourite style of art: Bizarre cartoon style from all genres, except flash cartoons nowadays.
Favourite cartoon character: Every wacky cartoon character
Personal Quote: Personal quote? What's that?

I don't talk about myself so often, but if you want to know some stuff about me, here are some little informations:

I'm 50% shy, 30% rebellious and 20% stupid.
In real life I'm rather boring and unfunny than on the internet.
But I love to wear cool clothes and try my best to look and be charming, even though it doesn't work all the time.

My favourite hobby is drawing, but if I don't draw, I play videogames, travel or go shopping. I've been to many places in Europe, but I'd love to see more. And maybe someday I'd like to visit the U.S.A. and Canada.

Favourite colour: black
Favourite fragrance: vanilla
Favourite season: summer
Favourite videogame hero: Yoshi
Favourite videogame villain: King K. Rool
Favourite cartoon hero: Earthworm Jim
Favourite cartoon villain: Dr. Ivo "PINGAS" Eggman/Robotnik
Favourite animal: cat
Favourite websites: Thatguywiththeglasses, Cinemassacre, Southparkstudios, Youtube

The Zombie Bite Calculator

King-K'-Rool - LazyAsHell's

My all time favourite Pokémon:
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