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Since yesterday evening I returned from my vacation in Baden-Württemberg, more exactly I spent time with my family in a vacation home near Gengenbach. And the places I've visited, amazing! I wish I could post pictures right away, but I guess that might have to wait for now. ^^;
This morning our family dog Benny just kept on barking and barking every 15 minutes and I couldn't find any peaceful sleep. :dead: This is why I'm more of a cat person than a dog person.
Fallout 4: Sole Survivor (Hawke) X Nick Valentine by NatalieTheAntihero
Fallout 4: Sole Survivor (Hawke) X Nick Valentine
I really really really wasn't sure and actually didn't plan on uploading this drawing for a few obvious reasons, but after I played Fallout 4 on XBox One with mods, including the stunningly awesome romancable Nick Valentine mod on, I felt like wanting to upload at least one of the drawings I made of both my Sole Survivor character called Hawke and my favourite companion character Nick Valentine. :blush: Yes, I drew more than a couple of drawings, but they're uploaded somewhere else, so if you wish to know where the others are, just note me and I will gladly oblige. :3 By the way, Hawke is just the last name of my character, I still don't know which first name to give for her, other than Nora maybe. ^^;

Fallout 4 (c) Bethesda
Just updated my avatar because I cannot stop thinking about Fallout 4 and my character Hawke's romantic (modded) adventures with Nick Valentine. ;w;
Pearl for spaceskeleton by NatalieTheAntihero
Pearl for spaceskeleton
I didn't really manage to work on her b-day art gift until now but here it is: Her bunny character Pearl and yes, she's drinking carrot juice on a giant carrot. :XD:
Hope you likey, Rita! :D Also good thing that the vacation house I'm staying in has a wireless internet connection. :phew:

Pearl (c) :iconspaceskeleton:
For all the people who didn't read my last TL;DR journal, I'm going to leave for vacation on Monday for about a week. And in the beginning of October I'm going to leave for another vacation again, but for two weeks. ^^; So it may take a while until I get to upload some new drawings.
I never believed these bad news would hit this fast and really hard, but really? It took Sony about 3 months to say NO to Fallout 4 mods being supported on Playstation 4? I'm so baffled! I mean, Bethesda announced that they would work hard for the PS4 owners and FO4 fans to keep their promise and give them the ability and opportunity to use mods too. Here's the video I watched today:

Now that you probably watched the video, you can guess what my reaction was. I mean, after waiting for so long, you would probably think that Sony and Bethesda were still working with the issues. But the truth is this: I believe that Sony said no because mods are for free and they don't like that. If something doesn't profit them financially, it would be most likely for Sony to forbid Bethesda to do this. As a PS4 owner, I'm pissed. I might be slightly collected on the outside, but on the inside, if Sony really didn't want this to happen, they could have said so themselves at the beginning of JULY! Yeah! That's the problem, they let the PS4 users and FO4 owners hanging this long! This was the very last straw! After watching this video, I thought about getting an XBox One since I cannot afford to buy a high tech gaming pc as Starlord has recommended. But seeing that I'm low on money myself, I need to wait until October. Ugh... I wish I could be more angry about this, but seeing how much of a dipshit company Sony has become to their fans, screw that! Of course I still will keep on uploading more gameplay videos of Fallout 4 on the PS4 along with other gameplays until I'm running out of stuff to show on the PS4 naturally, so I won't put away my console just yet. You can still check out my channel if you like, it surely can need some comments at least or get you interested in some of the games I like. But now my relationship to Sony and their PS4 has dropped very low. As far as I can tell, I have no more respect for the company after that dirty trick they pulled off.

Okay, before I cannot stop myself from ranting, I better switch the subject. ^^;

On September 19th to 27th I'm going to have my this year's second vacation and my family is going to Southern Germany where the grapes are growing. Somewhere in Baden-Württemberg, that's what I know. The idea came from my aunt from Canada and I do believe we will have some great time there. Knowing that the southern part of Germany has many hills, many villages as much as big cities tourists will love and as many restaurants as they have places to grow grapes for their wine, my family is going to chill most of the time. Maybe I will do the same, perhaps looking for some souvernirs for next time when I'm going to Spain again. ;)

Which will be on October 3rd! That's right: I'm going to visit :iconevilkenny4: again after 3 years (finally!). I wonder how much has changed because I've been missing him and his family (and of course Barakaldo, Bilbao etc. :XD: ). I will spend my time there until Saturday, October 15th. Will I have more time to draw on these vacations? I hope so, I barely found the time to draw anything lately! Especially for Deviant Art. ^^;

So that's about it. Except for the nightmare I had last night. Ugh, why do I keep getting more nightmares than good dreams? :fear: Okay, normally I got used to die in my dreams for any reasons whatsoever. Mostly some people I know or don't know kill me in my dreams with a knife. But this time I dreamed I murdered a person I didn't know well. Why? I cannot remember! :o It must have been a pretty tough argument for me to become this violent in my dream. So I picked up a katana or a machete and chopped this person's head clean off, just like that! :wow: And... no blood. I was sooo shocked at myself for doing that to the point my dream resetted itself and I was browsing on the internet for... :paranoid: Inappropriate and embarrassing drawings online. :blush: Then my mother and my brother busted in and caught me enjoying and drawing my favourite fetishes (which I won't name) and said "AHA! NOW WE KNOW WHAT YOU'RE INTO, NATALIE!" :fear: I couldn't close the window, if there was any point for it anyway... But I was so embarrassed, I wish I could've hidden somewhere. Then my brother said something like this: "That's okay, it's not that bad. Although now that we know, we will keep an eye on you and hope you will get back into drawing normal things and improve on your art. See ya!" ._____.'
I woke up and I was soooooooooooooooo tired. That nightmare kept me so drained that I couldn't work properly at my job. -___-' If I'm not going to dream of any of my favourite Fallout 4 characters or about Psy-Crow or whatever next time, I think I'm going to suffer from lack of sleep. :faint:
Half-naked Hawke (Fallout 4 player character) by NatalieTheAntihero
Half-naked Hawke (Fallout 4 player character)
This is my current and long-time Fallout 4 character, Hawke. And wether she is related to the Hawke family in Dragon Age 2 is a mystery. ;) Please check out my video gallery for videos with her.…

Also I should really update my YT channel logo there. ^^;
I don't mind the thought of PiperxNick ship, but... Isn't Piper actually fond of Magnolia?! :XD: *lol*
16 years of Deviant Art and forums still get invaded by the rudest people I've seen on the internet... ^^; Except for Youtubers and Tumblr SJWs of course. And Celebrity Twitter users. <_<' Egh... -_-'
It wasn't a long time ago since Deviant Art itself celebrated its 16th birthday. :cake: And now it seems to be my turn to celebrate, but geeeeez, 10 years now? :faint: That's a very long time, even for me! :o

When I first joined DA, I was mostly here for Space Goofs fanart, which was very rare back then. The only people I know who were actively posting some were :icongemini-mystica:, :iconevilkenny4:, Husky Washu and Delete-Lover and even most of the fanarts were about 1-2 years old when I joined, so yeah, I joined in when only a few people remembered that show. ^^; With my 20 years I decided to draw some Space Goofs fanart (comics) myself, since it was about time I did so as a long time fan and I had tons of ideas, which most of them could be drawn fast, luckily. :XD: They didn't look so good but at least it was something, so better than nothing. XP Like these for example:
Space Goofs FAC - Flower Power by NatalieTheAntihero Space Goofs FAC - Finished? by NatalieTheAntihero Space Goofs FAC - Stars by NatalieTheAntihero Space Goofs FAC - Friendship by NatalieTheAntihero Space Goofs FAC 15 - Donuts by NatalieTheAntihero
I was in my apprentice years as a draftsperson for mechanical parts during 2004-2008 and I didn't have that much internet time back then, so I mostly spent my time with drawing and singing, which explained why I drew a lot of stuff in these years, more than later. :P And so I even tried myself on drawing Space Goofs fanart comics with more than one page, such as these:

But then later I grew to love watching more gross cartoons, such as Drawn Together, which I drew a lot of fanart of it too, even if now that I think of it, wasn't really such a great cartoon. I mean, sure: It has tons of various cartoon characters and styles combined into one show, but the stories weren't for everyone's heart to deal with. ^^;
When I came up with my own fancharacters for the show, I thought about writing my first fanfiction of the show, which had more than 20 chapters! I think it must be still around... <.<' Just type in Drawn Together Survival while browsing in my gallery and you will find the chapters. But be warned, they're written as scripts. ^^; Back then I hoped to gain more fan love for my Invader Zim parody character called Intruder Monkeyfist, but Felia Paed, who's supposed to be a parody character of all the magical anime girls being overly sexualized, was the one getting most love, even though she wasn't originally my favourite at the beginning. But due to the fans and demand to see more of her, I began to draw more of her and even gave her own manga stories. Like this one:
Felia Paed MANGA page 1 by NatalieTheAntihero Felia Paed MANGA page 2 by NatalieTheAntihero Felia Paed MANGA page 3 by NatalieTheAntihero
Thanks to Drawn Together, I gained more friends when I was still drawing lots of stuff on DA and didn't have so many watchers, like :iconthesharkmaster: who happened to be a fan of that show too, though it's mostly because of the cartoon girls and he enjoys cartoon girls in general while I was more hyped about the silly and yet gross cartoon characters and their schemes, also silly pairings with fan and canon characters, lol. :P And yet we always had lots of ideas for our fancharacters and how they could interact with one another. Aaaaaaand that's why Felia Paed got paired up with his Lara Croft character, Sarah Soft. X3
B-day gift for sharkragon by NatalieTheAntihero True, I had some troubles drawing Sarah back then, but it changed over the years and I managed to make her look more decent. :XD:

Mature Content

Felia Paed + Sarah Soft intro by NatalieTheAntihero

Oh yeah, what else can I tell you about my time on DA? How about Awesome 5? Anyone remembers them?
Meet Awesome 5 by NatalieTheAntihero
Yeah, I thought so. <XP They didn't really get well known in my gallery. Mostly because they're no characters from any famous cartoon show but my own comic project. Sadly I stopped drawing them when I ran out of ideas and interest, but I did manage to draw some comics with them back in the early years and the comic with most pages was "Awesome 5 vs Pink Rhinos".
Awesome 5 vs Pink Rhinos cover by NatalieTheAntihero
A bit of a tribute to the Space Goofs episode "Pink Rhinozeros", except there are lots of cameo characters added in the end. :P
This year, wow, I drew Lee Jean again after so many years, but looking back, I drew Lee way too skinny so I was bold and drew her bigger with thicker legs and a round belly, right here. Lee Jean's new appearance (2016) by NatalieTheAntihero
Such a shame I don't have so much time for my own comic projects anymore due to my current job, but at least I can be grateful I took my time to show you my ideas when I could. :)

About the Spongebob fanart I drew, there were some kiddos who didn't like my black sense of humour, so sadly (or not), I had to remove most of my fanarts of Spongebob, which were mostly about my favourite pairings and the mature and not so mature comics... Since there was so much trouble with haters and fans hating on each other, I had to force myself leaving the fandom. Plus it didn't help that the Spongebob episodes got worse and worse after each season. ^^; So yeah, my hype for this cartoon died out and many other fans left too... :( I think the last decent Spongebob fanart I drew was this. Patrick in Goo Lagoon by NatalieTheAntihero

Oh yeah and the longest fictional crush I had for more than... hmmm, actually, I don't remember when I started liking him a lot, but for those who remember, I used to draw some Oggy and the cockroaches fanart too, mostly because of Oggy. He was just so cute and sometimes he would sound like a real mature guy. I love cats in real life and the thought of a housecat doing some housework, even with the cockroaches causing a lot of trouble: That's really awesome to have in real life. So yeah, I drew him a lot whenever I actually could think of a cute idea. X3 Like these drawings for example:
Movie night with Oggy by NatalieTheAntihero Paintbrush Oggy by NatalieTheAntihero Cockroaches by NatalieTheAntihero Roachones by NatalieTheAntihero Ramones meet the cockroaches by NatalieTheAntihero Ozzy and the cockroaches by NatalieTheAntihero
But eventually I left the fandom too, especially because a few years later after I did so, some people I never met before begged me to draw more fanart of that show, even when they knew and saw I moved on! ^^; It was so annoying to tell them that I won't be drawing any fanart of the fandoms I left, unless I come back it or get new ideas worth drawing. And no, I never took and never will take any requests. :shakefist:

There's still more I can tell about my time being on DA. Ah, the Sonic fandom... Honestly I only stayed for a while to share mostly fanarts of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. To me it was the funniest Sonic cartoon and I drew lots of funny fanarts of it thanks to Dr. Robotnik and his badniks. Damn, I've never rooted for the bad guys like this before until I watched that cartoon again after so many years. :D And it turns out a lot of other people on DA still love my fanarts of it, like these ones:
Robotnik and the SSSS Squad by NatalieTheAntihero

Mature Content

The probably greatest game eva by NatalieTheAntihero

Mature Content

AoStH: Catchphrase of the now by NatalieTheAntihero
Dr. Robotnik poses for a pic by NatalieTheAntihero  Double D the lil knowitall by NatalieTheAntihero
And then all the YTP references and memes... Oh my gosh, best and funniest times ever! :D But eventually... Just like every fandom that had their problems, I had to leave because, well... Lots of people didn't understand my sense of humour and I had to delete some pics from my gallery, again... And there was the Sonichu phenomenom I heard of and I wish I never had... ^^; Damn it.

The Parappa fandom got screwed up too when I was there too, but it was mostly due to one person only and his forum, which I won't mention. Just to let you know: He was kind of a psychopath I wish I could erase from my memories... :paranoid: Attacking me and my friends, trolling, pretending to be someone else, someone nice, yeah... Not buying all of it. <_<'

A long time passed and while I was searching for a job, I got into the Sam & Max fandom and that's why I started loving suits, trenchcoats, fedoras, ties, jazz, click & point adventure games, dogs, rabbits, more than before, thanks to the freelance police duo created by Steve Purcell.
Banang strikes back by NatalieTheAntihero Max on the beach by NatalieTheAntihero Good night, Sam and Max by NatalieTheAntihero Sam and Max: Hall of shame by NatalieTheAntihero Soft and remarketable Sam+Max by NatalieTheAntihero Max on a pile of candy by NatalieTheAntihero:D He inspired me to draw some more comics that were mostly adventure-like and I learned how to draw guns and some vehicles too, which I never took the time for it before to be honest... ^^; Hey, he's a fan of rats and roaches and isn't afraid of them. It's kind of like me not being afraid of spiders and some bugs. I always found rats adorable as pets too, like mice and hamsters and guineapigs. Heck, where I live, it's normal to have pet rats, but they don't live a long life. :P Anyway: Here's my fancharacter I gave love the most, Val aka Valerie Le Chat! One night in the city by NatalieTheAntihero Of course I used to believe she needed a partner too because one freelance detective wasn't enough in the Sam & Max universe, so Imp was a recolour of Max pretty much, just with pyrokinetic powers. :P
Detective duo: Detective trio? by NatalieTheAntihero V. and I. at the Sam + Max CON by NatalieTheAntihero Season greetings from V+I by NatalieTheAntihero First detective duo comic by NatalieTheAntihero Flint Paper feat Detective duo by NatalieTheAntihero
They even got three comic adventures which are still posted in my DA gallery. :D Oh yeah, the 4th and last one isn't finished yet, so I hope to get to it this year, before it's too late or forget about it completely. ^^; But anyway, the reason why I was forced to leave the fancommunity was not because of the fans or the fandom itself. It's... Oh dear, a lot of Bronies will hate me for this, but I don't care: It's my honest truth and honest opinion and feeling, okay? So you have to deal with it, haters!
I left the fandom because a lot of ponified pictures started piling up in the fanart community and I couldn't deal with it anymore so I called it quits! DX The MLP fandom which grew in numbers made me give up on drawing in general and I just, well... Focused on my job and playing videogames, which is why I became more of a gamer now than before... :paranoid: But it wasn't so bad: I started to like all kinds of videogames more, like the Elder Scrolls games, like Oblivion and Skyrim. Then I joined the DKC fandom thanks to someone I won't mention in here because that person, well... changed. And I was left heartbroken over this for a year pretty much. To move on I focused on trying to find better fandoms and I was lucky! :D I went back into drawing Earthworm Jim fanart again! Yes, there was a time before DA, when I drew some EWJ fanart too. :blush: But this time seeing Psy-Crow again just...
Psy-Crow from the back by NatalieTheAntihero Zero Suit Psy-Crow 2 by NatalieTheAntihero:blush: Heh, can you blame me? :heart: Eheh, he was also the reason I got back into drawing a bit too and I still have some doodles that need to be inked and coloured yet, d'oh! >.<'
I was just showing these last drawings never posted on DA officially to you because, well... There's a personal reason why keep most of the drawings I make private... <//w//<' Hey, I'm an adult! But man, that's a lot of history, isn't it? There's so much more to tell you, how I came up with the new OCs, especially how I came up with the pirate crew and so on but... This journal post is so friggin' long, I better stop here. x___x

Phew! :phew: Anyway, I hope you enjoy browsing through all the drawings I made and look forward to more drawings to come in the future. :)
Fallout 4: Nick Valentine romance (DA cut)
I haven't drawn anything new lately, because, well... <w< I've been playing Fallout 4 a lot lately.
And even if I chose Hancock as a romantic partner, Nick Valentine will always be my number one companion, because he's a detective and those who know me know that I have a thing for detectives, like Sam & Max for example, also I have a detective character too, Valerie Le Chat. <XD
In Fallout 4 I've called my character Hawke. I chose that name for her due to the Dragon Age 2 dialog options given in Fallout 4. XD lol
Has anyone done this before me? I really wonder. X3 And no, Nick isn't a romance option, sadly. But I hope there's going to be a mod someday that changes this. ;w;
I'm really not sure how Nick Valentine's body looks like under his clothes, but I got inspired to draw his body like this partially by DiMa's body and the wonderful thumbnail art for FluffyNinjaLlama's Valentine's Day special video right here:…
Nuka World DLC for Fallout 4 is coming out soon and I'm so happy about all that fun content. :dance:
Last night I had a weird dream about a country called Pazpekistan. The people were rude since they don't give me much time to respond before they insult me in their language. :p But their church was really cool. Lightshows ftw.

Still, I would favour dreaming about going through all kinds of chaos with the synth detective Nick Valentine than what I dreamed about last time. ^^;
Everyday is Valentine's Day when I play Fallout 4.
( =//w//= )
... in general. I wanted to add that in the title, but there are limitations. ^^;

For those who don't check out my scraps gallery, here they are. :D

I made even more pictures, but I think you're going to like these photos the most. Enjoy. :)
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I don't talk about myself so often, but if you want to know some stuff about me, here are some little informations:

I'm 50% shy, 30% rebellious and 20% stupid.
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But I love to wear cool clothes and try my best to look and be charming, even though it doesn't work all the time.

My favourite hobby is drawing, but if I don't draw, I play videogames, travel or go shopping. I've been to many places in Europe, but I'd love to see more. And maybe someday I'd like to visit the U.S.A. and Canada.

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