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My newest submissions. Most of them are just fanart.


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Awesomest stuff from really awesome artists!

Do I have any fetish related drawings at all?

Actually I have, but for obvious reasons I don't post them on Deviant Art.

Though if you still are interested what gets me excited and what I draw whenever I feel that way, just send me a note.

Also I'm open to any RPs via note that have nothing to do with blood, gore, scat or any violent or NSFW content.

Remember that I don't take requests on anywhere I post art, even the secret ones. Just art trades with close friends and art gifts.





Val plays Psy-Crow Amie (DA friendly version) by NatalieTheAntihero
Val plays Psy-Crow Amie (DA friendly version)
Valerie Le Chat, also known as Val, has discovered the fun of playing a Nintendo 3DS. Even though the game she plays doesn't really exist, I like to imagine she plays an alternative to Pokemon games and give her new crush some love in something familiar to the minigame "Pokemon Amie". ://D Hard to explain how it all works, but hey, fiction doesn't always have to make sense. XP

Psy-Crow from the Earthworm Jim games and cartoon (c) Shiny Entertainment & Doug Tenapel
Val (c) NatalieTheAntihero
If you can draw human characters from Nintendo and other VG animal characters in human form, you are fully capable of drawing humans in general. I don't understand why some people don't think that way!
Wrestling Psy-Crow by NatalieTheAntihero
Wrestling Psy-Crow
Psy-Crow is in the ring, waiting for his opponent. Would Earthworm Jim accept the challenge? <X3
Maybe, everything is possible.

Psy-Crow from the Earthworm Jim games and cartoon (c) Shiny Entertainment, Doug Tenapel
I don't know why I still feel sad about it but whenever someone mentions FA, I always have to think about the drama that happened there.
My custom painted Yoshi Amiibos by NatalieTheAntihero
My custom painted Yoshi Amiibos
Some of my friends know I have a humble collection of Amiibos and evilkenny4 gave most of them to me last X-Mas. :blowkiss: Custom painted Amiibos have been a thing as well so I gave my best at painting a couple of Yoshi Amiibos myself. It's really not as professional as the other ones I've seen around, but I'm still proud of them. To give them an extra shine and sparkle, I gave them some glittery nail polish matching to their colours. ;)
Phoebe Josephine's two paths by NatalieTheAntihero
Phoebe Josephine's two paths
The two halves of this picture represent two alternate stories of my old knight character Phoebe Josephine (2004) and she's been created in the year my Blackmage character Salsber was.

About Phoebe herself: She normally has a positive attitude and thinks she can make the world a better place by doing good things for everyone and with everyone, sometimes creatures from the underworld are included.

The blue half:
Phoebe goes on a journey to save the world from a huge cloud that spawns huge tentacles, beholders, gorgons and other ungodly creatures. On her way she befriends a griffon, a pet manticore and some companions like Salsber the Blackmage. Salsber
After the cloud is defeated, she and her companions are getting celebrated as heroes and she gets the title of Grandchampion from saving the world.

The red half:
In this story she joins a group of crusaders to get deep into the underworld to seal the gate that makes the demons, skamps and other demonic beasts enter the world of the humans, elves, dwarves and so on. On their path Phoebe felt bad for a starving skamp who was left behind by a demonlord. She takes care of it and risks taking the adopted skamp to her world, only to be looked at with distrust, fear, anger and other negative reactions. Later she gets forced to leave the town she used to live in and an old abandoned cottage was their only resort until the skamp she helped begins to repopulate. And when more skamps were born because demonic logic, they had to get back to the underworld and in the end Phoebe stayed with them to become a demonlady herself.
Five Nights at a Home for rent comic cover by NatalieTheAntihero
Five Nights at a Home for rent comic cover
This is the cover of a new crossover comic I plan on drawing. I have a few sketchy pages set already, but what about you guys? Would you like to see this idea put into an actual comic? Let me know what you think about this. :D

Space Goofs and Five Nights at Freddy's belong to their respectful owners.
Sep 16, 2015
:iconnatalietheantihero:NatalieTheAntihero has changed their username (formerly LazyAsHell)
Apparently my channel is too cluttered with Tomodachi Life videos than anything else. Recently I've been uploading english ones but that won't work either...
I don't know what else to upload in there to be honest. Anyone else got a suggestion? What do you guys would like to watch on my channel?
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The Mewtwo Amiibo is sold out on the German Amazon, weeeeeeeh! ;O;
Wait, scratch that! Here are the actual releases for the new upcoming Amiibos in Europe:
Mii Brawler - 25th September
Mii Sword Fighter - 25th September
Mii Gunner - 25th September
Duck Hunt Duo - 25th September
R.O.B. - 25th September
Mr. Game & Watch - 25th September
Mewtwo - 23rd October
Falco - 20th November
Mega Yarn Yoshi - 27th November
Tonight I planned on uploading new videos but the SD card I record my Tomodachi Life videos with is unreadable for my laptop now, so tomorrow I'd need to record the videos again, ugh. XP
Margot and her bunny by NatalieTheAntihero
Margot and her bunny
It's a b-day art gift for :iconspaceskeleton: and although I wanted to add some colours in it too, I ran out of time to do so, but I hope she will still like it. ^^; Margot's hair was soooo hard to draw. :faint:

Margot (c) spaceskeleton
Beach Mini Sketch Contest entry: Jean by NatalieTheAntihero
Beach Mini Sketch Contest entry: Jean
I couldn't think of anything really funny, so here's something rather noice to look at. B)
This is a sketchdrawing for :iconxxmajestyvaldorexx:'s contest and here I drew her OC Jean Valdore, relaxing with two big towels, a travel bag, shades and something to drink.
If you want to take part in this contest, there's still a little time left: xxmajestyvaldorexx.deviantart.…
One mindset by NatalieTheAntihero
One mindset
Chica from Five Nights at Freddy's can't stop thinking about pizza, Bud from Space Goofs has only tv in his mind and Earthworm Jim thinks about girls if he isn't hungry, itchy or cold. :XD: The geniuses themselves, ladies and gentlemen!

The characters belong to their respective owners.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Current Residence: At home of course
deviantWEAR sizing preference: M/L
Favourite genre of music: Medieval music, Heavy Metal, Medieval Rock, Rock, Jazz, Swing, Reggae, Ska
Favourite style of art: Bizarre cartoon style from all genres, except flash cartoons nowadays.
Favourite cartoon character: Every wacky cartoon character
Personal Quote: Personal quote? What's that?

I don't talk about myself so often, but if you want to know some stuff about me, here are some little informations:

I'm 50% shy, 30% rebellious and 20% stupid.
In real life I'm rather boring and unfunny than on the internet.
But I love to wear cool clothes and try my best to look and be charming, even though it doesn't work all the time.

My favourite hobby is drawing, but if I don't draw, I play videogames, travel or go shopping. I've been to many places in Europe, but I'd love to see more. And maybe someday I'd like to visit the U.S.A. and Canada.

Favourite colour: black
Favourite fragrance: vanilla
Favourite season: summer
Favourite videogame hero: Yoshi
Favourite videogame villain: King K. Rool
Favourite cartoon hero: Earthworm Jim
Favourite cartoon villain: Dr. Ivo "PINGAS" Eggman/Robotnik
Favourite animal: cat
Favourite websites: Thatguywiththeglasses, Cinemassacre, Southparkstudios, Youtube

The Zombie Bite Calculator

King-K'-Rool - LazyAsHell's

My all time favourite Pokémon:
Aromatisse by CreepyJellyfishKrookodile by CreepyJellyfishTyranitar by CreepyJellyfishSceptile by CreepyJellyfishSwampert by CreepyJellyfishSmeargle by CreepyJellyfishSeismitoad by CreepyJellyfishScrafty by CreepyJellyfish


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